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At West Ryde Physiotherapy, we support women through all stages of life. From pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood to illness, injury and age. Our female physios are specially trained in women’s health issues. Call us 02 9809 3854.

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Women’s Health

We support women to strengthen their bodies through all stages of life

Pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood places huge demands on women's body and creates many changes that can remain throughout life.

At West Ryde Physiotherapy, we understand the challenges and issues of women’s health.

Our women's health physiotherapy provides solutions to changes and problems that can arise over the childbearing years.

If you are experiencing…

  • Urinary and faecal incontinence

  • Bladder/bowel urgency

  • Anal sphincter injury

  • Weak or damaged pelvic floor

  • Overactive pelvic floor muscles

  • Pelvic organ prolapse

  • Painful sex

  • Abdominal separation (diastasis recti)

  • Internal pelvic pain, scars and adhesion

  • Back, hip and pelvic pain during pregnancy and after birth

We can help you get your strength and body control back.

How we can help

Sit down with one of our experienced female physiotherapists for a 1 hour consultation. It will involve:

  • Detailed history taking about pelvic floor habits

  • Internal examination to assess the pelvic floor muscles

  • Evaluation of a bladder diary and other lifestyle factors

After assessing your situation and needs, we will design a plan to improve your condition and strengthen your body in the long-term.

Early intervention is the key to preventing a small problem progressing to a bigger problem.

Call us on 9809 3854 to book an appointment,


Rectus Abdominus Diastasis

This condition, often known as ‘mummy tummy’, occurs when the linea alba has been stretched, most often during pregnancy.

Careful assessment of your abdominal wall and muscle function will determine the best course of action for your abdominal separation.

SRC shorts are often the first line of approach, along with a specific exercise program. We have SRC shorts for sale at the clinic.

Our West Ryde physiotherapists can guide you through your return to exercise and active lifestyle.

Breastfeeding issues

Are you suffering from breastfeeding problems such as engorgement and mastitis?

Our experienced female physiotherapists can assist in relieving engorged breast tissues and blocked milk ducts using ultrasound therapy.

Seek help as soon as you notice pain and swelling in one area of the breast. Remember that it is important to continue feeding your baby to help drain fully your breast.

Don’t feel embarrassed

Your conditions happen to millions of women everywhere.

We’re women too and we understand.

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to see our physiotherapists.

Call us on 9809 3854 to get started on your treatment.