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West Ryde Physiotherapy provides short and long-term care with safe and effective pain relief. We focus on back, spinal and joint pain relief, sports injury rehabilitation, women’s health, and clinical Pilates classes. Call us 02 9809 3854.


West Ryde’s most caring physiotherapists


Immediate and long-term physiotherapy

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West Ryde Physio provides immediate short and long-term physiotherapy for effective pain relief of your symptoms.

We aim to improve your overall level of fitness and health so you can return to what you love doing most, be it gardening, looking after your children or training for your next sporting event.

Our team is determined to help you achieve and exceed your health goals.

West Ryde Physio offers physiotherapy with a special interest in women’s health, helping women through pregnancy, postnatal issues and during menopause. We offer clinical Pilates sessions in a supportive, nurturing space.

Our physios are qualified, accredited and experienced. We’ll take care of your immediate pain and injuries, and your long-term health.

How can we help you?


If it hurts to move, don't ignore the pain. See one of our experienced and knowledgeable West Ryde physios and get immediate and effective pain relief. We’re here to help.


At West Ryde Physiotherapy, we’ve worked with competitive teams and athletes in all kinds of sports and let’s just say, we’ve seen it all. Treat the pain sensibly and recover faster.

joint pain relief

At West Ryde Physiotherapy, we can provide immediate pain relief for spinal pain or sports injury rehabilitation, as well as long-term health and support.

back and spinal pain relief

Back pain can be a debilitating condition but it is treatable. Our physios are experienced with everything from disc bulge, sciatica, headaches, neck and back pain.

Women’s health consultations

We understand that pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood create huge demands and changes to women’s bodies. Our physios are specifically trained in women’s health issues.


We support women at all stages of their lives. If you’ve been through injury or illness such as breast cancer, we can help re-strengthen your body.

“I’m very happy with the outcome from my sessions. West Ryde Physio was super friendly and helpful.”
— Katherine

Clinical Pilates Groups

Pregnancy Pilates

Keep your growing body healthy and supple in our gentle Pilates session, especially designed for pregnant women. Your physiotherapist instructor is on hand to guide you through the exercises.

Mums & Bubs Pilates

Small-sized classes for busy mums who want to get back into shape. All of our Pilates groups are run by accredited and experienced physiotherapists. Please bring your baby with you.

MEN & WOMEN’S Pilates

We run strength-building clinical Pilates sessions for both men and women. All our classes are small, individually-designed and led by one of our trained and qualified physios.

I attended the Mums & Bubs Pilates after my pregnancy. I really enjoyed the classes. It’s great for mums with babies because you can bring your baby to the class with you.
— Nanaka

CALL US TODAY or SEE OUR PILATES Schedule for our small group class times

We’re part of the community

West Ryde Physiotherapy is one of the oldest physiotherapy clinics in the area, serving the local community for over 60 years.

 We strongly believe in the power of education, both teaching those around us and learning ourselves. 

Our physios speak at women’s health centres, participate in women’s health week, and organise breast cancer fundraising events. We want to strengthen our community and we’re happy to guide the way.

We also believe in investing in our physiotherapists’ professional development and ongoing training. That way, we can continue to provide the best and most supportive care to our patients.

West Ryde Physiotherapy has been here a long time and we’re here for you now.