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Our experienced female physios at West Ryde Physiotherapy are trained in lymphoedema & breast cancer rehabilitation. We provide safe, effective and specialised long-term care to strengthen bodies. Call us on 02 9809 3854.

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Lymphoedema & Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

We’re here for you through thick and thin

We support women through all stages of life.

Our female physiotherapists have many years of experience with breast cancer rehabilitation and lympheodema cording treatment and care.

We’ve worked with women in private practice and the public health system.

Our breast cancer treatment aims to:

  • Prevent progression of the condition

  • Reduce edema

  • Maintain improvement and rehabilitation

Research shows that physiotherapy and lymphoedema treatment alleviates associated symptoms, prevents infection and improves function and quality of life.

Individual exercise programs

At West Ryde, our skilled physios will design specific exercise programs to address some of the health issues related to breast cancer, such as upper extremity dysfunction, bone loss, fatigue and pain.

Our carefully tailored exercise programs are a good start to increase the level of activity and commence your road to recovery. You can also join our small group exercise sessions as another great way to get back into your active life.

Breast cancer treatments include:

  • Lymphatic exercises

  • Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD)

  • Compression garment prescription

  • Compression therapy

  • Individualised active rehabilitation

  • Clinical Pilates sessions

Lymphoedema therapy

Heather York is our specialised lymphoedema and breast cancer support therapist. She has many years experience in caring for patients with lymphoedema, and those who have been through the difficulties of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Please call to book in with Heather if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Heaviness and swelling of your arm or leg

  • Cording

  • Pulling and tightness under your arm

  • Shoulder restriction or pain

Our treatment plans are usually scheduled as weekly 45-minute appointments for 4 or 5 weeks.

In your first appointment, Heather will take a comprehensive history of your medical background and symptoms. She will measure your arms (or legs) to get some baseline data.

The rest of your treatment sessions will involve:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage massage

  • Compression pump

  • Compression garment prescription

  • Skin care

  • Education

  • Exercise programs

  • Lifestyle management

After about a month or so of treatment, Heather may recommend monthly to 6-weekly appointments until you have established some stable home management.

Our physiotherapy treatments aid patients with lymphoedema by reducing swelling, stiffness and soreness in the arms and legs. We then maintain it with regular massage and compression garment wear.

Heather has experience treating a wide range of breast cancer patients, from those with stiffness or soreness but no sign of swelling immediately after surgery, to those patients with complex, longstanding lymphoedema. She has had excellence results in both short and long-term cases.

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