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Back and Spinal Pain Relief

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Back & Spinal Pain Relief

Back and spinal pain is treatable. Let us help you.

Back pain can be a debilitating condition.

Australian doctors recommend physiotherapy for spinal and back pain over any other course of treatment.

What is spinal pain?

Back pain can originate from many different structures. Disc bulge, sciatica, headaches related to your neck and back spasm are common conditions in Australia.

A disc bulge can make bending forward or sitting very painful, with muscle spasms that prevent you from moving well.

Sciatica occurs when the nerve in a small opening between a disc and the spine becomes inflamed, leading to leg pain, pins and needles, numbness and weakness.

Our skilled physiotherapists can provide effective treatment.

A holistic approach

We start by assessing the primary cause of your problem. We’ll examine joint mobility, flexibility and muscle weakness. Then, we’ll work together on a plan to help you recover and return to your normal life.

Our West Ryde physiotherapists have extensive training in manual therapy, dry needling, therapeutic taping, and designing exercises to speed your recovery and rehabilitation.

Contact us and find out why.

Ergonomics is crucial

To help alleviate neck and back pain, your workplace setting is very important. Some simple changes will make a big difference in the load placed on your spine throughout the day. An expert assessment by your physiotherapist will determine what needs to be modified at your desk.

Our West Ryde clinic has a wealth of expertise to help you. Our physios have over 25 years of experience delivering care and teaching and lecturing in the treatment of spinal pain.

Don’t suffer through back and spinal pain.

Recover quickly and maintain your body’s strength.

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