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Annie Beaudoin - Principal Physiotherapist

M.H.Sc. (Manip. Physio) University of Sydney (2010) Masters of Health Science (Manipulative physiotherapy)
B.H.Sc. (Physiotherapy) University Laval (1997)
Titled member of the Musculoskeletal Australian Physiotherapy Association APAM
Member of Continence Foundation of Australia                                                                                                       

Annie is a French - Canadian trained physiotherapist who has been working in private practice and hospital setting since 1998 in Canada and in Australia. In 2010, she completed a Masters of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physiotherapy at University of Sydney. She participated in a clinical trial for chronic whiplash and exercise led by the George Institute. She has done Clinical Pilates training and has special interest in Women's Health and continence. She is a Titled member of the Musculoskeletal Australian Physiotherapy Association and a member of Continence Foundation of Australia.

Throughout her practice, she has worked with a broad range of conditions, with clientèle of all ages, from acute post-operative care to elite sports rehabilitation. She gets inspired by improving people's well-being.

Annie has special interests in Clinical Pilates and Women's Health and Continence.


Heather york - associate Physiotherapist 

Master of Physiotherapy- University of Sydney 2014
Member of the Australian Lymphology Association
Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association


Heather is an experienced physiotherapist with a wide range of knowledge from her time working in private hospitals and clinics. She has treated many musculoskeletal cases such as headaches, lower back pain, pre and postnatal, acute sporting injuries, dance and pilates assessments and women’s health.  She has a particular interest in caring for patients with lymphoedema and those who have experienced a cancer diagnosis.

She is passionate about educating clients so that not only do they receive the necessary treatment for their condition, but can understand how it developed and how to best prevent or manage it in the future. Heather understands the importance of regular exercise and strength training to manage chronic health conditions and is therefore able to tailor exercise plans for clients.

Heather is a local mum of four teenagers who along with her husband, continue to provide her with lots of opportunities to use her physio skills at home! She enjoys spending time with her family, running, cooking and reading.

Heather holds Level 1 Lymphoedema Training, is an accredited member of the Australian Lymphology Association and also works part time as a lymphedema therapist. She has also completed Musculoskeletal Segmental and Dry Needling for Physiotherapists, and Kinesio Taping Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Ozlem dalkic - associate physiotherapist

Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association

Ozlem has always had a keen interest in health and wellness, which created the drive to complete Postgraduate Masters of Physiotherapy 2014 from the University of Sydney. Ozlem’s passion also extends to sport and fitness, and throughout her career has gained clinical experience in managing acute sport injuries (soccer, rugby, and athletics coverage), chronic-complex musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedics, and daily office ergonomic niggles.

Ozlem has a key interest in human factors and ergonomics, and believes that it is always important to take a preventative role in minimising daily office or work injuries. These can be sustained by various environmental factors and is conscious in educating and reducing the incidence through evidence based ergonomic advice. Ozlem is a current branch committee member of Human Factors and Ergonomic Society NSW.

Ozlem believes it is paramount to create individualised care and to focus on patient centred goals. She has been completing many current evidence based courses, such as LJ Lee Connect Therapy, Integrated Dry Needling, The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, and uses these techniques daily throughout her treatments. She is currently completing her clinical Pilate’s certification through APPI.