Women's Health Consultations

Annie Beaudoin is specialising in women's health continence management with pelvic floor assessment and treatment. 
Pregancy, Childbirth and motherhood places huge demands on a woman's body and creates many changes.

Specialised Women's Health Physiotherapy provides solutions to changes and problems that can arise over the childbearing years including:

  • Urinary and Faecal incontinence
  • Bladder/Bowel unrgency
  • Anal sphincter injury
  • Weak or damaged pelvic floor
  • Overactive pelvic floor muscles
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Abdominal separation
  • Internal pelvic pain, scars and adhesion
  • Back, pelvic and hip pain
  • Safe return to exercise guidelines

The one hour consultation will involve

  • detailed history taking about pelvic floor habits
  • internal examination to assess the pelvic floor muscles
  • evaluation of a bladder diary and other lifestyle factors

Following the consultation, a tailored plan will be designed with you to improve your condition.

Early intervention is the key to preventing a small problem progressing to a bigger problem.


Physiotherapy and Management of Breastfeeding problems such as Engorgement and Mastitis 

In addition to expert care from your lactation consultant and your doctor, physiotherapy can assist in relieving engorged breast tissues and blocked milk ducts with ultrasound therapy. 

Seek help as soon as you notice pain and swelling in one area of the breast. Remember that it is important to continue feeding your baby to help drain fully your breast. If you have been diagnosed with mastitis you will most likely be prescribed antibiotics to fight the infection. 

Annie, who has an interest in women's health, will be able to help you. 

pregnancy and Mums and bubs exercise classes 

Look in "Class Schedules" for times. 

We are now offering Pilates classes for new mothers and babies as well as pregnant women. 

These classes are designed for busy mums who want to get back into shape while enjoying the company of likeminded new mothers or expectant mothers wanting to exercise safely. 

Your baby will be at arm's reach during the session on a mat or in his pram close to you. 

New mothers will benefit from specific exercises:

  • Strengthening your core muscles

  • Pelvic floor training and advice
  • Improving your back and neck strength to meet the high demands of motherhood
  • Each class will finish with relaxation techniques to help you recharge your energy!




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